What gambling software is needed for a live casino, and how do such sites work

What is a live casino?

When we talk about a mobile gaming platform with live dealers, we mean an online playground that is maximally close to a traditional land-based casino. Such gambling resources have two main advantages – you can reach slots for android from anywhere you want and at any time. And the second benefit is the opportunity to interact with real croupiers in a classic gambling environment that is as close to authentic as possible. The algorithm is very simple – all gambling software is handled by professional dealers, and the process is broadcast from a special studio. On such a mobile gaming platform, you will be able to interact with a live dealer.

Gambling software for live casinos.

It is not difficult to understand how such a mobile gaming platform is technically arranged. You will need a studio with gambling tables or slots and several cameras to record everything inside. It is vital to install enough cameras as many slots for android require recording from every possible angle.

Thanks to cameras, all the process is transformed into special data in electronic format and becomes available to users of a mobile gaming platform in the form of a short link. At the same time, the data is stored locally or in the cloud and is added to the video archive.

Every table is equipped with a game control unit. It includes a built-in scanner or sensor that reads and converts information into digital format for further processing by the program and displaying the result in the interface.

In addition to the above, all the games are monitored by a technical team that controls the activity in the games and analyzes the data obtained. Its main task is to identify fraudsters and players who violate the rules of the mobile gaming platform.

Advantages of live casinos.

  • Playing slots for android with a live dealer recreates an authentic atmosphere of land-based casinos. At the same time, such gambling sites are accessible from any device, from a smartphone to a TV.
  • The independence of the result from artificial RNG algorithms attracts gamblers who are not confident in the honesty of an online mobile gaming platform.
  • The ability to communicate directly with the dealer and interact with other gamblers is very thrilling and expiring to any player.
  • Live casinos generally have many more options for branding and cross-selling than traditional gambling software.

How to choose a provider?

When purchasing gambling software for your mobile gaming platform, always check these three things:

License. It is a guarantee of the reliability and security of the software.

Adaptability. It is advisable to choose software that will run smoothly on all devices.

Positive reviews. A software provider should have a good reputation in the casino industry.  

Despite the fact that the competition among live providers is somewhat lower than among the developers of classic online casino software, you will still find excellent offers.