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What video slots will bring more traffic to your android casino games

What are video slots?

Slot machines appeared as a form of entertainment at the end of the 19th century. Initially, these were mechanical slot machines. But with the advent of the microprocessor, slot machines were computerized. The latest computer technologies allowed to realize more gaming opportunities:

  • increase the variability of combinations due to the greater number of symbols on the reels;
  • provide a larger number of lines or replace them with other prize combinations;
  • add new functions to android casino games – various bonuses have become the most attractive one;
  • implement 3D graphics into gameplay.

With the rise of online gambling, video slots took the leading position among other casino games for android. Nowadays, there are various types of slot machines, and not only standard images are used as symbols during the game process. Developers started to use images from various popular video games, films, cartoons as an alternative.

Types of video slots in android casino games.

Technological progress enables developers to add various ideas when creating video slot machines. Slots can differ considerably, but their main principle remains the same – the formation of combinations. Modern android casino games include the following video slots:

  • three-reel slots;
  • five-reel slot machines;
  • you can find slots with six or seven reels;
  • nine reel slots.

The number of prize lines also differs, and it can range from 1 to 100. There are also slots with a different method of combination forming.

Among other things, slot casino games for android differ in bonuses. Some slot machines offer a classic set of additional incentives – free spins, risk game, bonus round. Others offer advanced options like respins, prize features on the main screen and progressive jackpots.

Why are these android casino games so popular?

Players are increasingly choosing video slots, and there are undeniable reasons for it:

  • The availability of scatter symbols, where an additional prize can be won;
  • Doubling function. Every player can use this feature to increase the winnings; 
  • The ability to win the jackpot. It is a large prize, which is formed with the help of many machines connected into one network. The player can win an impressive sum that can amount to millions of dollars.

So once you are launching your own gambling project, make sure you will add video slots to your casino games for android. Famous casino software suppliers keep offering a lot of novelties. You just need to follow the market trends and buy the latest video slots to attract a bigger audience.