Casino Website Software: Top 5 Features

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Casino operations management is a new wave that is as popular as traditional slot machines and live dealer casino software solutions. Recent innovations are progressively transforming the industry with an emphasis on simplicity of play and immediate rewards.

Casino management is not only about new gaming systems, but also about new business opportunities. This segment is one of the fastest-growing in the online gambling industry. Casino management is a simple enough process that can be performed by anyone with the necessary skills and knowledge. Nevertheless, it requires some financial investment and knowledge in various fields.

You can buy HTML5 slots from the world’s best brands: NetEnt, Wazdan, Quickspin, etc. With HTML5 slots, it is possible to play on any modern device. Even if your players do not have their own computer, they will be able to play HTML5 games on a smartphone or tablet. Contact us to get the casino website software and more.

Live Dealer Casino Software and More

HTML5’s technology was first presented in 2014 and received ecstatic reviews in the IT world. Most providers quickly began releasing entertainment in the new format, praising its cost-effectiveness, high launch speeds, and other benefits. However, like any other innovation, HTML5 technology had its drawbacks. In particular, it was too complicated for application development and did not allow running content on any devices without changing source codes. This limited its use in mobile devices. The year before that, in 2013, Apple released the Safari browser, which supported HTML5. This allowed developers to create apps that could run on any browser, including the iPhone and iPad.

Our live dealer casino software can run on both Apple and Android systems. Moreover, we show the best performance on the market. The market is constantly changing, and we want to tell you about the advantages of working with us. In the casino website software, it is extremely important to deliver the same experience to each of the gamblers.

Casino Operations Management: How to work with it?

Excellent compatibility. All solutions can run in all browsers and operating systems without the need to download them. Reliability. Every application written with PHP is tested for reliability at runtime and can be easily incorporated into the product so that all users get the same quality. 

Owners of mobile devices, tablets, laptops, console terminals, and other equipment can play their favorite casino games. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular and convenient.  People can view actual game statistics and history, share the successful sessions on Facebook and Telegram pages, as well as participate in numerous contests – all these features are available in the live casino dealer software.

Building HTML5 products does not require the purchase of extra software (plugins, frameworks), licensing fees, and other expenses. Practically speaking, this reduces development costs, as well as speeds up the release of features. The world’s best studios release 15-20 slots a year thanks to the described format. In South Africa, there are also many companies working in this direction. We offer the best casino operations management in this region.

New features. Real-time multiplayer options have appeared in HTML5 products for the first time, as well as the chance to spin the reels in different ways (standard, full-screen, double) and move to a certain stage of the game without repeating all rounds. Additional Wild and Scatter symbols appeared, which can occur anywhere across the game board, not only on the reels, and create winning combinations in any part of the display.

Casino website software has good potential. There are hundreds of experts from Google, Apple, and other renowned companies permanently working on upgrading the technology. Obviously, HTML5 will continue to offer new opportunities for casino operators and visitors. Nevertheless, it still requires a good strategy to succeed in this area.

We offer you a wide range of solutions for land-based and online casinos: slot machines, cash registers, self-service terminals, high-quality software, and other options. Please leave a request on our website to get acquainted with the entire range of our products.