Imperium-Games is a company providing innovative gambling software. We are the largest and fastest-growing company in this particular sector. Internet poker, bingo, and many other gambling games.

Our portfolio includes online roulette, card games, slot machines, and other gambling entertainment from leading vendors of gaming products such as Microgaming, Novomatic, and NetEnt.

The main activity of the company is the development of software for online casinos, we are also engaged in the manufacture of slot machines and rental of gaming equipment. Our clients are more than hundreds of gambling clubs all over the world, from Peru to Indonesia. We highly value and respect all our employees. Our goal is to build a strong, professional, and successful company.

The gaming platform was founded in 2014, after which many excellent products have been created to allow online casino gaming. Today Imperium Games is one of the leaders in the Russian online gambling market and offers players the best gaming products. Imperium Gaming’s gaming software allows you to play classic and modern slots, as well as live dealer games.


Our main projects include software that allows people to enjoy gambling in casinos, on slot machines online or mobile devices.

We have created unique algorithms and technology to analyze real-time data. This allows us to understand patterns in player behavior and offer them optimal solutions. Our goal is to create the best technology that will change gambling as a business.


Imperium-Games is a team of visionaries who share a passion for gambling. We create online casinos with innovative designs unlike any other. We employ design, programming, and marketing professionals.  We strive to offer our customers, who value quality and safety, high-quality service. We are now a reliable strategic partner, providing excellent services to help our customers become competitive in the gaming industry. For us, ‘quality first, a development first’ is a business philosophy.


The platform’s proven engine, attractive RTP, and high-quality execution of the video slots are just some of the benefits that create our strong base of loyal customers. To the same end, we regularly add new video slots to our range, and this section is where you’ll find the hottest new releases. This section includes all the machines with high ROI, lots of lines and reels, generous bonuses, regular draws, and more. Many of the games have been released exclusively for our platform and are therefore available not only for PC but also for mobile devices.


We challenge and motivate each other to find interesting gambling solutions. We aim to create a truly comfortable atmosphere where everyone can find their place and enjoy playing.


We use bright ideas to create new features and solve old problems. They can inspire us to try to do something completely different and find new ways of doing things right. We often decide to change something because it didn’t work in the past and it will work eventually, so we think that’s the way it should be, that’s the reality.


We are brave enough to push the boundaries of iGaming and lead the way. Our website has been designed to be the most informative, interesting, and useful for all operators and those entrepreneurs who want to immerse themselves in this exciting world, as well as become part of it.


We are quick to adapt to challenges. Our greatest strength is perseverance.